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It’s no secret that Video Assisting is becoming a department of it’s own.
10 or more years ago, a single student connecting a video cable and pressing REC and PLAY would do.
But today Video Assistants handle complicated systems that allow video capturing from multiple cameras. Systems that synchronise video feeds and can live stream it over a wifi network to multiple devices anywhere in the world. Video Assisting goes even further and can overlap with data management (DIT) and provide on set communication via radios or intercoms. 

The ever growing role of video assisting let us to start VIDEO PUNKS. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service in video playback, DIT, remote shoot streaming and on set communication. 
We also come with our own kit (technical gear, KNOW-HOW and fun) 


Video Punks is a fully equipped video assisting company. Our work began in Lithuania and quickly spread internationally. Now we’re working with production companies from Germany, France, Sweden and other countries. We’ve worked on some big shoots for HBO and Netflix. Our crew constantly works on film and commercial sets. The wide range of service production commercials offer a lot of technical diversity and we’re always up for the task.

Because we care about the high standards of our services we can provide crew and equipment together.


The things we take care of and you don’t have to think about:

-Wireless video transfer

-Capturing and playing back video

-Setting up stable wifi networks. Providing Ipad monitors with a direct feed from the camera. 

- Operating and managing live streams and the equipment required.

-Uploading files onto servers and providing any necessary reports. 



These days remote shooting is a huge topic. Having clients from overseas, agencies and Directors working from abroad -  we’ve done it all. From streaming from planes, race cars, drones, trains or the most remote locations. 


We handle the technical and software side of remote shoots. We differentiate between must haves and nice to haves. We’ve done dozens of shoots that required streaming and communication with personnel that are not on set. 


We’re the only ones in the Baltics that use the platform “Set Share”. With the Set Share program you can see the video from the camera with a 1 to 2 second delay, talk with your colleagues using audio or video, text and see any set surveillance cameras. All of this is accessible through the browser on your phone (ios and android), computer (windows, Mac, Linux) or tablet (ios and android). No installation required. The channels are secure with individual passwords for each user.


One of the key aspects of remote shooting is the internet connection. Together with mobile carrier operators and equipment specialists we’ve compiled reliable sets of antennas and cables that can establish a stable internet connection even in the most remote areas.



There is a lot of data being generated on film sets these days. It’s important to understand processes work and which don’t and share that understanding with our clients. We’re constantly deepening our knowledge in the field of DIT and Data Wrangling. We’re collaborating with many DIT companies from abroad and together we’re improving data processing rules and raising standards. Deepening our knowledge allows us to work on eliminating mistakes in the area of DIT and guaranteeing that our data processing is both secure and of the finest quality.


  • We offer solutions in data management as well as video assisting. We can source crew and equipment needed for a project and oversee the process of the shoot.

  • Our insurance covers over 500 000 Eur in the case of any damage or data loss.

  • We follow a clear protocol regarding prep, data handling on set and all the safety procedures. All of this we share with you so you can be clear of our responsibilities and our work procedures. 




One of the most important tools of communication on set is Walkie talkies. With good communication we can work productively. We’ve been on set for years so we know how we can make the work more efficient.


Walkies talkies only cover a part of all the communication that happens on set. We can offer tools that cover any means necessary. 


Walkie Talkies- push to talk

  • 1 on 1 talk - we’ve set up our  walkies in a way where you can call a specific person and have a private conversation without occupying the radio channel. 

  • Radio repeater - increases the range of the radios

  • Monitor radio batteries in real time 

  • Sending voice messages or SMS messages to a group of users

  • LTE Connectivity (unlimited range wherever there’s an internet connection

  • GPS monitoring - tracking the location of the radio unit in real time.


Wireless intercom 

  • Full Duplex communication. Used by grips, camera dept, sfx and stunts - the departments that usually have both their hands full.


We can integrate anyone into the filming process.

A person can communicate via radio transmission or via intercom from anywhere in the world with the crew working on set. We’ll handle video transmission and the necessary means of communication. 





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