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Our mission is to provide the highest quality service in video playback, DIT and remote shoot streaming.

We are

Video Assist, Qtake, Remote Shooting, DIT services. Video Punks team in Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, France
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Video assist? VTR? DIT? 

It’s no secret that Video Assisting is becoming a department of it’s own.

10 or more years ago, a single student connecting a video cable and pressing REC and PLAY would do.

But today Video Assistants handle complicated systems that allow video capturing from multiple cameras. Systems that synchronize video feeds and can live stream it over a wifi network to multiple devices anywhere in the world.


DIT (digital imagine technition) videoassist and Qtake operators become partners in film set. We are useing similar gear. Sometines one persone can work as DIT and Qtake operators on set. 

What the f**k is Video Punks

Video Punks is a fully equipped video assisting, Qtake, data wrangler and DIT services providing company. Our work began in Lithuania and quickly spread internationally. Now we’re working with production companies from Germany, France, Sweden and other countries.


We’ve worked on big shoots for HBO and Netflix.

Our crew constantly works on film and commercial sets.

The wide range of service production commercials offer a

lot of technical diversity and we’re always up for the task.

We care about the high standards of our services so we provide crew and equipment.